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Insisting on the respect to the users and by will of transparency, GoMedium has adopted a code of ethics so that its users know the rules and commitments to which all the experts adhered and made the commitment to respect. working through the GoMedium platform have agreed to abide by this code of ethics in the practice of their profession with all the rigor and honesty. GoMedium makes every effort to ensure the respect of the code of ethics by the experts. Any breach or behavior that appears to violate these rules must be reported via the Contact Us page. Any request will be treated with diligence and confidentiality.

Obligation of means

Although they use their gifts, skills and knowledge with the utmost seriousness, GoMedium's divination arts experts make a commitment that is characterized as an obligation of means. No indicator can guarantee the accuracy or the realization of the predictions, no matter the support or the method used. The user understands that the result of the consultation can not be guaranteed.

Professional secret

All experts are bound by professional secrecy and confidentiality rules, as described in our privacy policy. Any disclosure of information about a user to a third party is strictly prohibited, regardless of the means used or the recipient. Furthermore, it is strictly forbidden to record telephone consultations without the user's knowledge or to use the content outside the consultation.

Illicit maneuvers and free will

The free will of each individual is fundamental. All experts agree to respect the free will of users and not to exert undue pressure or any influence on users for any reason whatsoever. In addition, the experts undertake not to abuse the credulity or naivety of people who may be in a state of weakness and to exploit it for misdirection, illicit or malicious purposes.

Contact and misappropriation

All experts agree not to make any contact with GoMedium customers or to use GoMedium for personal, commercial or religious purposes in any way whatsoever, including by indirect means. It is strictly forbidden for the experts to transmit to the users any personal coordinates.

Minors and protected persons

All experts agree to comply with GoMedium's General Terms and Conditions of Use, which stipulate in particular that GoMedium consultations and services are reserved for users who have the legal majority in force in their country and who have the legal capacity to contract and provide services. use the services of the GoMedium site.

Occult work and illegal practice of medicine

The practice or solicitation to offer occult work is strictly prohibited on GoMedium. All experts agree to respect this prerogative. On GoMedium, the experts offer services in the field of divination arts and they must limit themselves to their field of expertise. All experts agree to refrain from establishing any prognosis or form of health prognosis, to offer users medical treatment or to give advice that is relevant to medicine or its application.

Relationship with users

All experts agree to provide all services in a respectful manner with honesty, objectivity and independence. Moreover, the professionalism of the experts urges them to have a strictly professional relationship with users by refraining from creating any link other than professional through the services they offer on GoMedium.
The experts group therefore undertakes not to put financial difficulties on users of the site and must warn them in the case of signs of dependence or immoderate consultations by the user.

Expert reports

Defamatory remarks or any behavior aimed at devaluing, denigrating or tarnishing the image of a GoMedium expert, especially in order to attract or distract from the clientele, will in no way be tolerated.

Respect for the code of ethics

Any expert who does not respect this code of ethics is liable to closing his account temporarily or permanently and/or at the end of his business relationship with GoMedium, all legal proceedings remaining reserved.