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Mona psychic 4951

code: 4951

Love reading and love compatibility

From Montreal and everywhere for you! Mona love psychic. Pure clairvoyance, clear and precise answers.

The vibration of your voice tells me a lot and allows me to connect to give you help and solutions. Immediate response in all areas: Love, breakup, return, future, success, work. Choosing Mona is choosing an experienced psychic a pure medium accumulating more than 20 years of experience in clairvoyance consultations. Clairvoyance love and love compatibility, my favorite areas.

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Fiona psychic 1388

code: 1388

Clairvoyant, Tarologist

Good day. My name is Fiona and I have been practising clairvoyance in a professional way for 8 years now.

I mainly work with your vibrations, your first name and your date of birth. Tarot de Marseille is my main support. I invite you to contact me for precise and honest answers. Whatever is your situation or your questions, I will be happy to enlighten you.


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Claudia psychic 5005

code: 5005

Tarot of Marseille, Viking runes, Book of angels

The Tarot of Marseille has a very strong symbolism and it allows me to work with your energy to answer your questions. It also allows me to obtain clarification when you are at a crossroads or when you need to be clearer in certain situations.

With help of the tarot, I answer your questions as honestly as possible, without complacency, with empathy, listening and above all without judgment.

That said, I can not change your life: only you decide how to improve your destiny. My other instruments of divination are your numerological year, the Viking runes and the book of angels.

With a lot of love, looking forward to a consultation!



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Marie psychic 5911

code: 5911

Tarot of Marseille

Good day to you who is asking questions and who would like to understand, understand each other better.

Do you feel in the dark, frustrated with certain relationships that don't work, despite many efforts? Do you experience incomprehension when faced with certain situations in your work or those around you? I offer you a key: I invite you to understand using the Tarot de Marseille.

If you want to understand who you are, look at your past to better live your present and welcome the confident future, the rich symbolism of the Tarot de Marseille cards will be a great revelation.

Looking forward to help you


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