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Numerological chart and power of numerology

What is numerology?

Numerology is a remarkable tool to get to know yourself better and develop in your relationships. It makes it possible in particular to draw up the global portrait of a person by its numerological charter. Numerology is an impressive tool that leads to self-actualization.

How does numerology work?

In numerology, the letters are transposed in number from 1 to 9. This is what is called the mathematical vibration. For example, your date of birth, your first and last name give us information that allows us to discover, among other things, your creative potential, your talents, your challenges, and thus get to know yourself better. This with the objective of accepting you better and learning to love you more. The initials are also very important: they generally define your character, your strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to remove the mask, open your horizons and be in the acceptance of yourself and the other. This allows you to cultivate your difference and accept that of others. Relationships with others are more flexible and easier.

What do the numbers mean?

When analyzing your numerical chart, we can see that certain numbers are either in excess or missing. When a number is in excess, it represents excessive qualities. On the contrary, when it is missing, it is a life challenge.

Excessive quality is a behavior to improve in order to achieve balance. Life challenges are more intense. They bring many inconveniences and it is necessary to work on them in a continuous way in order to change your way of doing things, to adopt a new attitude so that the conflicts which they bring about cease. An important task of surveying certainly but which will greatly contribute to improving your relationships with yourself and your entourage, personal or professional.

It is up to everyone to become aware of the character traits to work on and to see what is relevant to their life history, according to their numerological charter.

What is the life path?

In numerology, the expression "life path" is used to discover the characteristics of your personality based on your date of birth. This allows you to know the dominant influence of your life and to guide you in defining your aspirations. The Life Path allows you to know the outstanding characteristics of your personality and the vibrations, both positive and negative, which will accompany your personal journey throughout your life.

Why is free will important?

In numerology as in everything else, you are always free to choose and act. Numerology is a tool of thoughtfulness, nothing is dictated. A forecast is, and always will be, a suggestion.

GoMedium's phone numerologists can help you with numerology, to get a clearer picture and guide you in your life choices.