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There are many decks of cards, tarots and oracles. By definition, a tarot deck is generally made up of 78 cards illustrated with figures. Among the best known in the universe of clairvoyance, let’s mention Bellin’s Oracle, the Tarot Lenormand or the Tarot de Marseille.

All are unique: either by their degree of precision, their ease of understanding or their symbolism. All of them are fascinating when you start studying them.

Among these many games, the Tarot de Marseille is one of the big favorites. Why ? Thanks to the richness of its symbolism and its multiple possibilities of prints.
When you study the iconography and symbols of the Tarot de Marseille, it turns out to be a fabulous instrument of self-discovery.

What is the Tarot de Marseille?

The Tarot de Marseille is a tarot deck which includes 78 cards, which are called blades. The blades are available in 22 arcana called "major" and 56 arcane called "minor". One recognizes the major mysteries thanks to the characters and the richly illustrated decorations which compose them. The major mysteries allow us to have a vision on all spiritual (material, ...) levels of life. The minor mysteries are occasional additional information on concepts of time, places ... they contain important information on our daily life and our concerns.

What is the Tarot de Marseille for?

The Tarot de Marseille allows us to understand our future, our past and to deepen our self-knowledge.
The symbolism of each blade of the Tarot of Marseille draws its sources from different philosophies of our civilization including even folklore and popular beliefs. Even the colors of its blades have their meaning.

How is a tarot reading?

When reading the tarot, you choose a form of draw. There are several forms of prints. Whether using the major arcana only or the set of Tarot blades. One of the most commonly used prints is the cross print. Using this draw, the consultant pulls 5 blades which are precisely positioned. The tarot reader will proceed to the interpretation of the symbols and associations of these blades, considering the positive, negative influences, the past, the present and of course the purpose.

The work of the tarot reader therefore requires as much intuition as intellectual work. Because the tarot reader must decipher, through the associations and symbols that represent all the blades, a real language. He must know the specifics of each mystery and the different associations in order to draw the best possible interpretation in order to guide the consultant in his questioning.

Now that the cards are on the table, it is up to us to call on our free will: the consultant then decides on his life and makes his decisions with the precious information he has in hand.

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